Erika is a creative professional, artist, designer and researcher who loves creating beautiful pictures and designs. In her work she combines her drawing and design skills. She is currently located mostly in Finland but works internationally.

Erika works in the areas of:
Art, such as portraits of horses and dogs.
Illustration, such as fashion illustration and books.
Design, such as brand design and patterns for home decoration.
Technology area, such as video communication, AR/VR and UI/UX design.
Often the work is a combination of those.

Growing up as a daughter of an artist family, she has always been surrounded by art and always getting inspiration and guidance from home, and she also got her Masters or Arts degree from University of Lapland, Finland. Her equine art influencers are Swedish equine artist and illustrator Lena Furberg and American equine artist Kim McElroy.

Before starting as a designer entrepreneur, she worked for nearly 20 years for Nokia as a designer and researcher and her designs have spread all over the World on mobile phone user interfaces. Currently she is writing her Doctor of Arts dissertation on Mobile video communication.

You can also find Erika over on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

More about her work on tech area can be found on her Linkedin profile.

You can also buy Erika’s handcrafted items on Etsy.